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Advantech’s Highly Integrated WebAccess Solution Optimizes Automatic Monitoring and Control Management at a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Case Studies By Advantech | 12/19/2016
Wastewater treatment plant is a basic infrastructure in modern society to purify wastewater created by homes and businesses. Its operation is 24 hours a day and wastewater treatment comprises multiple processes to remove solids, organic compounds and other matters. Such a complex workflow needs a careful management and it is insufficient only being...

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  • Our Friends Electric?

    Industry Focus Advantech | 5/24/2016
    Lifeless electric snakes swimming in the sea, ready to strike at a whim at whoever enters the water are the things of horror films. At a primordial level they get into...
  • The Sound of Oil and Gas Leaks

    Industry Focus Advantech | 4/26/2016
    Detecting oil and gas leaks along thousands of kilometers of pipelines, refineries, airports and other critical national infrastructure is an expensive and time consumi...
  • Augmented Reality to Measure Water Levels

    Industry Focus Advantech | 4/18/2016
    A few years ago, the latest buzz word was “Augmented Reality”. The plan was that we would all be using our cellphones to display more information about the...
  • Underwater Drone

    Industry Focus Advantech | 1/21/2016
    One of the problems with oil and gas pipelines is that they go very deep underwater and this can make them very difficult to discover faults on. Currently the way it&rs...
  • Hydration Contamination Detection

    Industry Focus Advantech | 12/14/2015
    In our nice cozy lives in the developed world, the chances of drinking contaminated water are slim, and even if we do drink some that’s stale, the worst we’...
  • River Flow Monitoring

    Case Studies Advantech | 12/9/2015
    In mountainous regions around the world heavy rainfall can cause the flooding of rivers much further downstream thereby causing major problems to residents and business...
  • Waste to Oil

    Industry Focus Advantech | 12/7/2015
    One of the greatest environmental problems for the planet is our continuous use of plastic. Not only is it made from oil but it takes a very very long time to break dow...
  • Intelligent RTU in the IoT era

    WhitePaper 12/2/2015
    The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabled by the implementation of intelligent electronic devices and sensors on communication networks with real-time data e...
  • Watch Your Water

    Industry Focus Advantech | 11/16/2015
    Water is a finite resource and we’re constantly being told to conserve as much as possible. The doomsday scenarios of droughts and water shortages have been embed...
  • Advantech WebAccess 8.1 Webinar

    Video Advantech | 11/9/2015
    WebAccess, as the cornerstone of Advantech’s IoT solutions, is the world’s first HMI/SCADA software based on web browser, which means that the user can impl...
  • Green Factory IT

    Video Advantech | 10/8/2015
    Title: Green Factory IT
    Abstract: Please join Advantech webinar about the Green Factory IT to hear more about the benefits of Green IT in Smart Factories and...
  • Smart Water Grid and Pump Station Monitoring

    Case Studies Advantech | 10/7/2015
    Under the impetus of Internet of things technology, water supplies will be equipped with an intelligent water network. Water
    pumping stations are the most importan...
  • Real-time Oil Well Monitoring System with iRTU

    Case Studies Advantech | 10/7/2015
    In recent years, the rapid development of information technology has popularized calculator technology, control technology
    and network communication technology, th...
  • Droning On and On and On

    Industry Focus Advantech | 10/5/2015
    It seems that we can’t get enough of drones, they are everywhere. They’re being used to take spectacular and unusual videos that would have once required...
  • Water Pyramids

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9/7/2015
    In the past we’ve discussed the use of mesh nets to collect dew and send it to water storage containers below. These are particularly useful in areas that have hi...
  • New for Old

    Industry Focus Advantech | 8/31/2015
    We’re all used to seeing solar energy being used to power homes and some shops and provide energy to “the grid”, but it’s rarely used to powe...
  • New Balls Please

    Industry Focus Advantech | 8/21/2015
    A few weeks ago the Internet was buzzing about a Californian reservoir’s use of ‘shade balls’ to prevent the evaporation of its precious water in the...
  • Waste Water of Generating Power

    Industry Focus Advantech | 8/5/2015
    Boutros Boutros Ghali, as head of the UN, once wrote that “"The next war in the Middle East will be fought over water, not politics.", that was back in...
  • Enabling IoT & Industry 4.0 with WISE PaaS and WebAccess+ Alliance

    Video Advantech | 5/31/2015
    Advantech WebAccess+ IoT Solution Alliance aims for cooperating closely with Advantech's partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications ac...
  • [Application Video] iAutomation Application Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/30/2015
    Advantech offers different application solutions with WebAccess, get more ideas :
  • [Application Video] Building Automation & BEMS Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/29/2015
    Advantech offers web-enabled and browser-based components which allow engineers to be much more flexible and to easily control. And offers iBuilding Solution to creat m...
  • [Application Video] Power & Energy Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/29/2015
    Advantech supplies high quality and solution-ready products for the Power and Energy Automation Industry. There are three categories of products: Energy Computers, Ener...
  • [Application Video] Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/29/2015
    Advantech offers Environmental Monitoring & Facility Management Solution
  • [Application Video] Intelligent Transportation Solution

    Video Advantech | 5/29/2015
    Transportation systems aim at providing communications and technology that allow safe, convenient, comfortable, efficient, and environment
  • 3D PIGS

    Industry Focus Advantech | 4/2/2015
    3D printing has been used in many industries for quite some time, but it’s mostly used to produce molds and models, but now thanks to new techniques it’s be...
  • DINレール対応ファンレス組込みPC:UNO-1000シリーズ

    DINレール設置対応のオートメーション向け産業用ファンレス組込みPC UNO-1000シリーズは、RISCアーキテクチャとx86ベースのプラットフォームを提供し、広い動作温度範囲により過酷な環境への実装が可能です。UNO-1000シリーズは産業フィールドで使用される通信プロトコル、I/Oプロトコル、データストレージの変換のための優れた通信ゲートウェイを搭載しています。また、アドバンテックはドメイン市場向けにClass1 Division2認証を取得し危険場所で安全に動作する製品を提供します。さらに、新しいUNOシリーズの製品は、モジュラー式拡張機能iDoor(アイドア)...
  • 高性能ファンレス組込みPC:UNO-2000シリーズ

    アドバンテックのオートメーション向け産業用ファンレス組込みPC UNO-2000シリーズは、AMD、Intel Atom、Core iプロセッサなど幅広いCPUを選択可能で、エンベデッドOS(Windows CE、Windows XPE、WES7、WES8、Embedded Linux)をサポートします。また、アプリケーションと使用環境に応じてスタンド、ウォールマウント、壁掛けでの設置が可能です。 新しいUNOシリーズの製品は、モジュラー式拡張機能iDoor(アイドア)テクノロジーにより異なるマーケットセグメントで使用されるモジュールを拡張することができます(産業用フィールドバス通信、WiFI/3G、デジタルI/O、メモリ/ストレージ)。
  • RS-485 I / Oモジュール:ADAM-4000

    ADAM-4000モジュールは、費用対効果の高いリモートI/Oシステムを確立するための最適な選択肢です。お客様は、コントローラまたはRS-485デバイスを相互に通信するために2本のワイヤを使用して、そのシンプルな配線を介してADAM-4000モジュールの恩恵を受けることができます。 ADAM-4000モジュールは、EIA RS-485通信プロトコルを使用しており、産業環境に適した業界で最も広く使用されている双方向、平衡伝送ラインです。
  • イーサネットI/ Oモジュール

    アドバンテックはリモートI/Oモジュールのグローバルリーダーです。IoTをはじめ、ファシリティマネジメント、環境モニタリング、プロセス制御などの他の様々なアプリケーションに広く使用されている完全にスタンドアローンなデータ収集モジュールを提供します。アドバンテックのリモートI/Oには、イーサネットI/Oモジュール(ADAM-6000/6200シリーズ)と、RS-485 I/Oモジュール(ADAM-4000/4100シリーズ)の2つの製品グループがあります。ADAMシリーズはアナログI/OとデジタルI/Oに分かれており、Modbusプロトコルをサポートする機種もあります。
  • ワイヤレスI / Oモジュール:ADAM-2000

    ワイヤレス機能が、電源管理、およびI / Oテクノロジと統合され、ADAM-2000シリーズは、データ収集のための革新的な製品です。 IEEE802.15.4無線規格に基づいて、ネットワークは容易に配備され、拡張することができる。また、低レート、低デューティ·サイクルにより費用対効果の高い分散型I / Oソリューションを提供する、スタンドアロンデバイスとして動作させることができます。。ポピュラーな産業用通信プロトコルのModbus RTUで、ADAM-2000シリーズの製品は、IPCS、ADAM、EKI、またはWebアクセスなどのアドバンテック製品を持つ任意のSCADAや産業用システムに適応させることができる。
  • 産業用イーサネット·ソリューション

  • 産業用ワイヤレス

  • シリアル·デバイス·サーバ

    アドバンテックのシリアルデバイスサーバ、プログラマブルデバイスサーバとModbusゲートウェイは、インストールおよび設定が簡単で、有線および無線ネットワーキングをサポートしており、厳しい産業用工オートメーションのニーズを満たすため、様々な動作モードを提供しています。EKI-1000シリアルデバイスサーバは、信頼性を担保するために、 RS-232/422/485シリアルデバイスにより、イーサネットスイッチへのデュアル接続を可能にします。製品ラインは有線/無線(WLAN、GPRS、3G)のシリアルデバイスサーバ、modbusゲートウェイ、プログラマブルデバイスサーバーを網羅しています。
  • WebAccess HMI/SCADA software

    Advantech WebAccess is a web browser-based software package for human-machine interfaces (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). All the features found in conventional HMI and SCADA software including Animated Graphics Displays, Real-time Data, Control, Trends, Alarms and Logs, are available in an ...