DSP プロセッシング プラットフォーム

【案件ベース対応】 Advantech provides products for video acquisition, video encoding, DSP ATCA Multimedia Processing, and video transcoding. Design covers both standard and fully customized DSP-based boards in multiple form factors. These include open standard AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC and PCI Express cards, as well as several proprietary form factors. By re-using multimedia processing DSP technologies across multiple form factors, OEMs benefit from wider product choice, enabling integration into the system enclosures which best suit the end-application's needs. Advantech enables the deployment of innovative and integrative video system infrastructures, including video acquisition, video encoding, video processing, and video distribution. Our broad DSP product portfolio and custom design expertise gives OEMs more flexibility to adapt to nearly any size, power consumption, and/or performance constraints, scaling from very small form factor boards to highly scalable ATCA systems.


  • ビデオアクイジション&エンコーディング

    【案件ベース対応】By implementing the latest DSP technologies and associated silicon, Advantech designs and manufactures video acquisition and video encoder boards in multiple form factors to enable a wide range of customer solutions. The boards address numerous video-related vertical market applications requiring single or multi-channel connectivity with analog or digital inputs. They are designed to perform high speed processing at SD, HD, and Full HD resolutions, provide analog and HDMI outputs, and supply a wide choice of interfaces for storage, networking and peripherals. The DSPs provide the highest performance computing power for executing advanced image processing and video analytics functions. With an easy-to-use software development kit (SDK), Advantech Video Acquisition and Video Encoding Solutions are ideal for system integrators who need to implement versatile video surveillance applications that fulfill a broad spectrum of customer requirements.

    • Video Server

      Video Server
    • Video Appliance

      Video Appliance
    • PCIe カード

      【案件ベース対応】Advantech provides PCI Express Card, DSP PCIe Card, and PCIe Card for video acquisition and encoding. Advantech’s low-power, fanless PCI Express card supports 8/16-channel composite video plus audio inputs with H.264 hardware compression. It utilizes the Texas Instruments' DSP DavinciTM family for high-performance video processing, and includes software development kits to speed up application development. Our high-performance PCIe Video Acquisition Card is ideal for applications in video broadcasting, industrial vision systems, video conferencing, digital signage and media servers.
    • USB 2.0 モジュール

      【案件ベース対応】Advantech provides USB 2.0 module for USB video capture. Advantech’s intelligent USB 2.0 H.264 video capture module includes on-board video analytics engines and an SDK to speed content analysis for advanced surveillance applications. The on-board Video Analytics (VA) capabilities enable small-to-mid-sized video security applications. Our intelligent video acquisition module is especially suited for applications in traffic management & enforcement, digital video surveillance, and industrial vision systems.
  • Video Surveillance Platform

    As more attention is being focused on safety and security issues, requirements for video surveillance analysis and functionality has become more popular. ADVANTECH intelligent video surveillance platform complies with ONVIF for maximum flexibility and integration into existing IP based systems. Multi-stream, Power over Ethernet (PoE), RS232/422/485, sensor and alarm I/O, internal Mini-PCIe/mSATA are just a few of the other features. Furthermore, by latest DSP technologies and associated silicon, application that perform data analysis such as intelligent video analysis, motion detection, forbidden zone, or license plate recognition is now easy integrated and cost effective.

    • NVS-500

      NVS-500, 4th generation Intel core based professional NVR, combines server, network switch and camera power supply (PoE) into one system. It embedded 16 to 24 ports of PoE Lan for camera links with high power budget, and also supports four 3.5" HDD up to 16TB storage capability. NVS-500 can be perfectly applied to diversified usage cases such as banking, building surveillance as well as middle to large floor size of hypermarket.
    • NVS-300

      NVS-300 provides a perfect video surveillance platform for diversified applications such as retail, casino and entertainment. NVS-300 x86 architecture system combines the functions of a high performance Network Video Recorder with a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switch into one system. It not only supports up to 4 x PoE ports for IP cameras but its compact enclosure and removable 2.5" HDD bay with lock is ideal for all kinds of security application requests. The x86 open platform also eases application software integration and make NVS-300 the best solution for video surveillance applications.
  • マルチコアデジタルシングルプロセッシング

    【案件ベース対応】Advantech’s DSP (Digital Signal Processing) portfolio includes ATCA, AdvancedMC™ and PCI Express products, enabling unprecedented levels in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) core density, boosting voice call capacity and increasing video transcoding quality and throughput. Our Multimedia Processing Engines (MPE) in full- and half-length PCIe form factor offer impressive HD transcoding performance and are targeted at applications in digital media, as well as a variety of broader industry markets. Advantech’s DSP ATCA node blades significantly reduce overall system cost and free up valuable slots in gateway elements for additional subscriber capacity and throughput.

    • AdvancedTCA DSP ブレード

      【案件ベース対応】Advantech provides AdvancedTCA DSP Blade for Multi-Core digital signal processing. Advantech’s latest DSP-based AdvancedTCA blade provides the industry's most powerful voice and video-over-IP DSP farms in a single slot. With over 20 TI 8-core C6678 DSP’s, it is ideal for telecom infrastructure applications, including voice and video-over-packet high-density gateways, wireless media gateways, and remote access servers.
    • PCIe DSP カード

      【案件ベース対応】Advantech provides DSP PCIe card and DSP PCI Express card for multi-core digital signal processing. The half-length PCI Express card with four Texas Instruments C6608/6678 multi-core DSPs, a PLX® ExpressLane™ PEX8624 PCIe switch, and a Xilinx XC3S200AN Spartan-3 FPGA achieves the highest possible DSP performance levels in a half-length PCIe form factor. This makes it ideal for power-efficient solutions based on commercial and industrial servers for the highest performing video processing on a fast-to-deploy PCIe add-in card. It is a perfect fit for applications in many industries such as digital media, communications, video surveillance, medical imaging, bioinformatics, radar and sonar instrumentation as well as test and measurement equipment.
    • DSP Modules

      DSP Modules



  • VEGA Video Solutions

    VEGA Video Solutions

    Leading Innovation for the New IP Video Infrastructure Advantech VEGA Video Platforms and PCIe Adapters are designed to boost video infrastructure performance from acquisition to distribution at the lowest power budget while fully complying with the media industry needs. By providing access to the latest 4K/8K video processing and IP