アドバンテックは、効率的で迅速なモビリティサービスを実現する、あらゆる種類のインダストリアルグレードモバイルポイントオブセールス(mPOS)システムを提供します。 リテール及びホスピタリティ産業をターゲットとしており、アドバンテックのモバイルPOSタブレットは、セルフオーダーもしくはショッピングアシスタンスシステムのようなアプリケーションのように、スリムかつ軽量ながら、堅牢なユニットを求められる需要を満たし、お客様のショッピング体験、合理化された作業、生産性の向上を実現します。


  • AIM-30シリーズ


    • AIM-33

      Advantech’s AIM-33 is a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminal designed for efficient and immediate order and payment processing operations. Targeted to the retail and hospitality industries, AIM-33 aims to satisfy demands for a lightweight yet rugged unit with an optimized price point to provide users with a versatile solution ideal for diverse application scenarios. The AIM-33 terminal also supports integration with various peripherals, such as a 1/2D barcode scanner or 8M camera, for extending the system functions and capabilities to ultimately enhance the customer shopping experience, streamline operations, and increase productivity.
    • AIM-35

      AIM-35 is an industrial-grade handheld tablet POS system for multiple applications with Intel® Atom™ processor and multiple OS platform support for various software operation. To meet demands of retail and hospitality industry, AIM-35 provides 6-8 hours operation and support IP65-rated water and dust protection as robust tablet, but also enables various extension modules for the diversified application scenarios, such as 2D barcode scanner, to satisfy various retail and hospitality applications as well as inventory management or self-service operations that makes AIM-35 is ideal tablet POS system for the retail and hospitality market.
    • AIM-37

  • アクセサリ

    さまざまなバーティカル市場における様々なアプリケーション要求を満たすための、モバイルタブレット/ POS用周辺機器を提供しています。

    • AIM-P701

      AIM-P701 is an multi-functional smart cradle for Advantech mobile tablet use. Integrated with PoGo pin conector and embedded printer, AIM-P701 not only enables tablet battery charging, but also support receipt printing function. Moreover, AIM-P701 integrated with diverse I/O interfaces, such as USB and RJ-45 port, that support various perihperal contection for retail and hostpitaltiy.
    • AIM-P704

      Active Stylus Pen for AIM-35 and AIM-37
    • AIM-P5

      Extension Module for AIM-35, inculding 20-degree barcode sanner, 70-degree barcode scanner, and LAN with COM module.
    • AIM-CHG0-0150

      Multi-Bay Charging Stations (For AIM-35)
    • AIM-SRP0-0000

      Tablet Hand Strap (For AIM-35)
    • AIM-SRP0-0001

      AIM-35 Tablet Shoulder Strap



  • Intelligent POS Solutions

    Intelligent POS Solutions

    To enhance retail and hospitality services and satisfy diverse satisfy OEM/ODM requirements, Advantech offers a wide range of POS systems aimed at different market segments and application demands. Advantech is committed to providing POS systems of the highest quality, durability, and performance to the global marketplace. Not surprisingly, Advantech’s products have received a COMPUTEX Best Choice Award for excellent quality, outstanding design, and unique features. Advantech also offers a growing range of high-quality POS peripherals that expand the system functionalities, allowing the POS systems to serve as intelligent POS systems and/or self-service kiosks.