Advantech works actively with the public to
promote positive and healthy social development.
We aim to establish Advantech as a model corporate citizen.

Giving back to society is part of business operation. Corporations are like big trees in society's fertile soil. A corporation's ground-breaking growth must cultivate the root cause of this growth, so during profitability, innovation must propagate into society while allowing full participation of employees.

Environmental Compliance

a resident of the global village, Advantech understands the importance of preserving a green globe. Our environmental program focuses on reducing, reusing, and recycling materials used in our manufacturing operations. Advantech's environmental compliance effort includes the following:

ISO 14001 Certification
OHSAS 18001 Certification
RoHS Directive Certification
WEEE Directive Certification
Authorized SONY Green Partner
Advantech Beautiful LifE

ABLE CLUB is an employee and society benefit program that aims to inspire and give back to every Advantecher, as well as the entire society. In the belief that every human being ought to achieve a fulfilled and beautiful life, ABLE CLUB encourages Advantechers to participate actively in a wide variety of social, cultural and sports events, in the pursuit of a true, good and beautiful quality of life.Being part of ABLE CLUB, Advantech Foundation focuses on talent development. For Advantech, nurturing bright local youth is not only good community relations, but also good business as it helps attract fresh talent in a virtuous cycle that continuously replenishes the company's growth. Advantech Foundation's talent development program includes the following

Focus Lab
inCampus Workshop
Elite Internship Program