Edge SRP

To realize Industry 4.0 with internet of things more efficiently and make it more reliable in factory or equipment application, it is crucial for device to equip with edge computing ability. Edge intelligence could make data-driven decision and boost productivity. Allied with diverse software partner, Advantech provides a brand new series of Edge Solution-Ready Platform (Edge SRP), that equipped with different edge computing, edge analytics ability and numerous services to satisfy the market need right away! The Intelligent Edge is the new frontier of computing, harnessing the power of multiple edge technologies to connect online and offline data, realizing the progress of Industry 4.0. Edge SRP could play different role with its special software function, such as, Edge Data Collector, Fieldbus Controller, Centralized Visualizer, Edge Analyzer, and Networking. Advantech Edge Solution-Ready Platform(Edge SRP), integrated with variant software-defined data services, upgrading the application of data, is the best platform for you to intelligentize equipment, exploring the new business inception of Industry 4.0!


  • Edge Analyzer

    Edge analytics is leveraging that same device or devices and utilizing them to process the data that has been computed and turn it into actionable information directly on that device. It helps to obtaining real-time results from IoT devices for visualizations and insights and dramatically reducing the amount of data which travels to the cloud. Advantech combines multiple software function with industrial-grade platform, providing different data analysis ability, including Vision Express for defect inspection, gauging and quality assurance, Azure Edge IoT for stream analytics, machine learning, and image recognition, and EDGECROSS with real-time diagnosis and detection of abnormal signals for predictive maintenance.

  • Edge Data Collector

    Data collection is a key component of the modern manufacturing process that helps companies monitor and control costs and ensures the smooth operation of the plant. To improve the efficiency, Advantech provides a series edge data collectors, combined with WISE-PaaS/Edgelink, supporting up to 200 PLC protocol conversion, not only collect the data faster and more accurately, but also process it efficiently through OPC UA. Accurate and efficient, Advantech helps to upgrade and digitize your factory right away.

  • Edge Controller

    To improve the way of data processing and help improve profitability, reduce downtime, and lower operational costs, automation control solution should leverage data from distributed industrial equipment and turn it into actionable insight. Advantech offers a full portfolio of hardware products empowered by CODESYS, the leading IEC 61131-3 automation software for developing and engineering controller applications. The Edge Controller solution provides system integrators and automation vendors with highly reliable and innovative technologies, control and fieldbus I/O systems, as well as application-ready platforms.

  • Edge Networking

    Network communication, enabling a non-stop, multi-directional and remote network management for various industries Leveraging over 20 years of industry experience to develop industrial communication products that provide reliable wired and wireless communication solutions for mission critical applications, Advantech officially introduces 4 network-focused Edge SRPs, offering a wide range of services ranging from protocol convention, centralized management, to fault tolerant systems, realizing IoT-powered business models in various vertical markets.

  • Edge Visualizer

    Edge SRP/Visualizer comprises three co-created solutions - ACP ThinClient, WebAccess/ SCADA, and WebAccess/ HMI – to support diverse visualization applications in centralized control rooms, production areas, and directly on machines