【案件ベース対応】By implementing the latest DSP technologies and associated silicon, Advantech designs and manufactures video acquisition and video encoder boards in multiple form factors to enable a wide range of customer solutions. The boards address numerous video-related vertical market applications requiring single or multi-channel connectivity with analog or digital inputs. They are designed to perform high speed processing at SD, HD, and Full HD resolutions, provide analog and HDMI outputs, and


  • 8K Appliances

    The VEGA series of 8K video streaming appliances supports ultra-low latency, contribution quality 8K HEVC encoding and decoding in a compact format.

  • Video Appliance

    Video Appliance

  • USB 2.0 モジュール

    【案件ベース対応】Advantech provides USB 2.0 module for USB video capture. Advantech’s intelligent USB 2.0 H.264 video capture module includes on-board video analytics engines and an SDK to speed content analysis for advanced surveillance applications. The on-board Video Analytics (VA) capabilities enable small-to-mid-sized video security applications. Our intelligent video acquisition module is especially suited for applications in traffic management & enforcement, digital video surveillance, and indus

  • FullHD Modules

    The VEGA 2000 Series of small video modules supports video capture, encoding and live streaming over mobile networks for portable applications.

  • Video Server

    Video Server

  • AV Over IP Transceivers

    The VEGA 1000 family of AV over IP transceivers supports lossless UHD video with almost zero latency transmission.