アドバンテックの医療用コンピューティングチーム(DMS)はカスタマイズされ認可された医療用のタブレット、医療用HMIディスプレイ、医療用パネルPC、医療用ポイント・オブ・ケア(POC)シリーズ、そして患者インフォテイメントターミナルを提供します。お客様の医療用コンピューティング技術を満たし、最先端の要望を満たすためにアドバンテックDMS医療用コンピューティングは最上の医療用HMIディスプレイ、医療用の携帯可能なデバイス、医療用タブレット、そして医療用パネルPCを全ての対応可能なカスタマイゼーションとIEC60601-1, EN60601-1 、 UL60601-1認可とで提供します。


  • Industrial Tablet PCs

    The Advantech Mobile Computing team provides industrial tablet PCs that are designed for high reliability and durability to harsh working environments. The industrial tablet PCs fully meet standards for wide temperature range, vibration, dust/water ingress, humidity, drop tests, and are designed to meet IP65 or IP67.

  • Medical Tablet PCs

    The Advantech Mobile Computing team provides medical tablet PCs which are built specifically for patient care environments.The Advantech medical tablet PCs are designed with high-performance, durability and security to simplify mobile patient deployment and improve work efficiency.

  • Tablet Accessories

    Advantech offers a vast array of accessories for Industrial and Medical Tablet PCs and the accessories feature several expansion modules, including MSR / SMC reader, office docking staton with LAN / VGA output and battery charging functions which enhance the efficiency in your workplace. Handstrap/ shoulder strap and rubber bumper also make tablet PCs comfortable to carry.