PDCシリーズのディスプレイ画面はEN60601-1, UL60601-1 そして IEC60601-1認可を持ちIP65ほこり防止の正面パネルとendoscopy、CT診断、レントゲン、PACSなど一般的な医療用治療アプリケーションのためにデザインされた高いコントラストのLCDの医療用画像ディスプレイです。PDCシリーズディスプレイはIPX1防水の綴目と追加的IP65ほこり防止正面パネル、EN60601-1, UL60601-1 と IEC60601-1医療用認可を持ってデザインされています。このディスプレイは通信時の電波のゆがみを減少するためにDVIポートを持っています。調整ノブは医療関係のプロフェッショナルが特定の変数たとえば投薬量などを正確に制御することを可能としています。同時にタッチスクリーンはキーボードやマウスより洗浄することが簡単な便利なインターフェースを提供します。


  • AVAS

    Advantech Video Archiving and Streaming Solutions

  • Surgical Monitor

    The surgical PAX Series are assorted with the most comprehensive range of surgical display solution. With the combination of the latest and highest display technologies and the wide connectivity including 3G-SDI and single-mode fiber optic interface, PAX provides the most advanced and the most elastic display solutions for OR and surgical theatre integrators.

  • Diagnostic Monitor

    Equipped with extremely high resolution LCD panel and innovative image controller rendering 14-bit DICOM LUT compliant 16,384-shade grayscale, PAX-500 Series guarantees radiologists diagnostic confidence with accurate and crisp imaging performance. Powered up with the cutting-edge technologies such as sub-division uniformity technology (SUC) and image quality enhancement technology (IQE). The high-density and high-luminance LCD guarantees high-quality crisp images with consistency throughout the 3-year warranty time.

  • Clinical Monitor

    Clinical review monitors are designed for the needs of multi-tasking display services in a variety of medical imaging segments such as radiological modalities, surgical modalities, RIS, HIS, PACS, etc. Equipped with premium quality LCD panels and versatile image controller boards with a variety of connectivity, these clinical review monitors provide the users and system integrators multiple options and applications.