Rugged Computing System

A ruggedized system is a computer specifically built to operate reliably in extreme usage environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, wide range temperatures and wet or dusty conditions. It delivers quality, durability, reliability, compatibility, high performance and long product lifecycle in field-proven application. Unique environments offer different and specific attacks to computing systems, which are used to collection, computing, & data transmission to reach the goal of intelligent management and monitoring.


  • Rugged Box PC

    A rugged box PC is a necessity when performance and reliability are needed in harsh environments, such as extreme weather, or over bumpy ground, high humidity, water invasion, or the corrosive conditions of heavy salt fog. To fulfill these requirements, the systems are designed to meet MIL-810G military specifications for drops, vibration, immersion, and temperature extremes and with IP65 to IP68 ratings, they are protected against water and dust.