Wireless I/O & Sensors

Advanced Wireless I/O Modules & Sensors for Industrial Environment

With developments in wireless and cloud technologies, more and more remote monitoring applications have adopted cloud services for wide area management systems. To shorten the gap between the field site data and the cloud, Advantech provides wireless I/O and sensor modules that can get and pass data directly to the cloud by utilizing wireless communication technology, such as Wi-Fi, 4G, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT/LTE-M, and proprietary LPWAN (Sub-G) through IoT protocols.

Feature Highlights

Wireless I/O Modules with Modularized Design

  • WISE-4000 wireless I/O modules leverage Wireless Ethernet and LPWAN technology to provide sensor-integrated nodes, IP65-rated nodes, and solar-rechargeable nodes for building IoT and big data technology environments.

Smart IoT Sensing Solutions

  • WISE-2000 sensor devices are all-in-one devices designed for specific applications and domain focused scenarios.
  • Wzzard series provides a wireless sensor connectivity platform for the rapid deployment of reliable IoT networking in remote environment.

Edge-to-Cloud Total Solutions

  • Wireless I/O and Sensors supports multiple IoT communication protocols to send collected data directly to the cloud.
  • With the plug-and-play functionality, the Wireless I/O and Sensors eliminate time-consuming device configuration.


  • IoT ワイヤレスモジュール:WISE-4000シリーズ

    アドバンテックの新世代のリモート I/O デバイスは、市場に IT 指向の精神をもたらします。データ A-P-P、データ取得、データ処理からデータ公開までの高度なコンセプトで、IoT フレームワークの下でモバイル監視と制御のニーズを満たしております。

    • WLAN IoT Wireless I/O Module

      Advantech's new generation of remote I/O & sensing devices bring an IT oriented spirit to the market. With the advanced concepts of data A-P-P, data Acquisition, data Processing to data Publishing, fulfilling mobile monitoring and controlling needs under an IoT framework. Broad adoptability has made WISE a reliable source of big data which benefits users in identifying their next steps and which action to take. With intelligent processing and publishing features, the time it takes to generate in
    • WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz Wireless I/O Module

      Leveraging Wi-Fi, WISE-40XX, WISE-4220, and WISE-4250AS provide high-quality wireless I/O and sensor modules that acquire and pass data to the cloud.
    • Industrial Cat. NB1/Cat. M1 Wireless I/O Module

      NB-IoT is a new wireless communication technology with low power consumption in wide area networks. It is an international standard defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). NB-IoT feature low power consumption and remote transmission and can be constructed directly on LTE networks based on licensed spectrum bands. WISE-4471 Series is a 4G cellular based IoT wireless sensor node compliant with LTE Cat. NB1 and Cat. M1 with built in antenna for flexible installation. In addit
    • 産業用 LoRa/LoRaWAN ワイヤレス I/O モジュール

      WISE-4610 features a wireless sensor node based on LoRa network technologies targeting outdoor applications.
    • プロプライエタリ LPWAN/SUB-G Wireless I/O モジュール

    • Wzzard Mesh Nodes

      Wzzard nodes support industry-standard external sensors such as A/D I/O and thermocouples with internal sensor and integrated antenna options as well.
    • Wzzard Mesh Gateways

      SmartSwarm 342 gateways integrate data from diverse systems, remote devices and sensors into dashboards, analytics, predictive maintenance programs.
  • WISE-2000シリーズ


    • Smart IoT Sensor Nodes

      Domain focus IoT application with WISE-2210/2211/2410/2834. WISE-2000 series is an all-in-one total wireless IoT sensing solution from Advantech.
    • Wzzard Wireless Mesh Sensor Network

      The Wzzard™ is an easy to use, complete wireless sensor connectivity platform for the rapid deployment of scalable, intelligent, reliable IoT networking in demanding environments. Because of its efficient distribution of information to single or multiple receivers, low power usage and minimized data packets, it is ideal for mobile or remote locations.
  • Bluetooth Sensor Gateways

    Early warning diagnosis and residual life estimation of components of high-speed running equipment, gear increasing and decreasing mechanism.