Passenger Information System (PIS) in High Speed Railway



High speed railways require many technical aspects like infrastructure equipment, rolling stock, signaling, as well as important strategic resources like financial, commercial, and managerial assets. High speed railways bring many benefits to our lives, they are safer than roads and dramatically shorten journey times, whilst significantly reducing environmental pollution. One valuable component within high speed railways are the passenger information systems (PIS). 

Advantech’s compact MIO-5850 SBC was integrated into a railway PIS system so that real-time passenger information and advertising can be displayed on connected LCD/LED displays, emergency announcements can be broadcast via linked audio speakers, and connected IP cameras could enhance security and safety on trains.

Highly reliable for Harsh Environments

High-speed trains pass thought many different environments so MIO-5850 is designed on an Intel E3800 platform that supports -40 to 85°C wide temperature operation, onboard memory, and anti-vibration eMMC storage for better shock resistance in harsh environments. Advantech iManager 3.0 provides an out-of-band manager for reliable control and monitoring of voltages and temperatures in networked devices.

PIS system I/O features

MIO-5850 has CANBus designed with 15KV isolation directly on board and a suite of APIs for Windows and Linux OS, helping customers to quickly develop their own software. Three Gigabit Ethernet ports allow connection to more IP CAMs and other IP based devices. Four COM ports, 16-bit GPIO, and I2C/SMBus provide extra flexibility to connect and control peripherals like LED displays.

Multiple expansion possibilities

MIO-5850 is designed with mini-PCIe, mSATA, and optional M.2 E-Keys. Through them users can easily choose different form-factor modules to support wireless LAN, 3G/LTE, GPS, and various storage options.